Thursday, March 25, 2010

Alchemy after patch 3.3.3

Well, the first thing you'll notice as a Grand Master Alchemist after patch 3.3.3 is that now that Frozen Orbs can be exchanged for Eternals and most importantly Frost Lotus, is that the Elixir market may take a hit as peoples stockpile of frozen orbs are making Frost Lotus extrememely cheap.

However due to this change, demand for regular high lvl Herbs will go up, and you'll find yourself going from 11g per stack of 20 lichbloom, to being able to get 25g per stack, or maybe more.

We should see a price correction as the market settles down and we'll probably get back to around pre patch prices as the flood of frozen orbs drys up.

The fact that the Mining ability Smelt Titansteel is off cooldown is a big boon for alchemists however, especially if you are able to get large amounts of Saronite Bars cheaply, a mining alt or mining as a secondary may work even better. However check prices on the AH as Saronite Bars have almost doubled in price after this change, as miners realise the demand goes up.

All in all, try to focus on Goldclover, Adder's Tongue, and Icethorn until the crazy Frost Lotus prices get back to normal, and pick some bargains up while the fire is hot!

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  1. Yes, we're finding lichbloom is becoming more difficult to source now. Hey, can you add a google blogger following thingy please? :D PS - good to see you back on Nagrand :)