Sunday, March 21, 2010

About the Faction change.

So a short time ago I decided I was bored with Horde side and decided to transfer over to the Alliance side to see what I had been missing. So I went and used the Faction transfer service.

The surprising thing I found about the faction transfer service is after you pay for it and wait a short while, you character is available for transfer at any time just by clicking the button on the character selection screen. So in theory you can pay for a faction transfer and just wait til you want to switch your character over.

Interestingly, after I chose my race my Mage showed up still wearing the Horde equipment as you can see, but they all change to faction specific items once you log on. Also all faction specific quests will be reset, HOWEVER almost all items from the other faction that were linked to that quest will be swapped over.

So oddly enough now I have the 3000 quest achievement, but I have only finished 1600 quests now. And I have the Wintersaber mount in exchange from my ravasaur mount, but I am only neutral with the Wintersaber trainers, weeird.

I've been working on a few other things since I switched over, so I'll be going on about that soon.

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