Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentines day wheee!

Okay, Valentines day has come and gone. Things are moving a bit slow for me in WoW, partly because I haven't been raiding much, and partly because Mass Effect 2 came out. And I just HAD to import my save game to try out my character.

Mass Effect 2 has a great storyline, and is a great game within itself. But after you finish the game, you don't feel like the side missions are all there, and the dumbing down of the equipment screens makes the game have a bit less replayablity than the first game did.

However Bioware have said from the start they have a lot of DLC planned, which is good because the game is a very strong 'base' to be expanded upon. Especially with side missions and extra characters. A Hover tank is also planned to be coming as well.

In WoW most of my time has been taken up with trying to get the Exalted achievement, so I've been grinding and buying off the Auction House in order to increase my reputation with various factions. Its actually nice to log in to WoW and take it easy. Instead of always raiding.

In other news the local arcade is adding another floor, so hopefully they will have installed a Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike machine, and I can get some games with people just like in the old days hehe.