Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Stuff you prolly didn't want to know.

OK this is Random, remember Battle of the Planets? Well Capcom has a new fighting game which is basically Japan's answer to Marvel vs Capcom: Tatsunoku vs Capcom!

What the hell is Tatsunoko do you ask? Just one of the oldest animation companies in Japan that have certain characters that are considered 'classics' by the older Japanese crowd. How can you lose? Gotta love the poster though.

Oh yeah, I like to draw, I want to get into Uni to do something artsy, but I just end up drawing big boobs most of the time! I don't know if its good or bad?

Also I occassionally head to 4chan for some mischief. Here's my House trolling with a game screenshot thats actually an Oekaki I did.

And like everyone else who is on the internet for more than an hour a day, I try to get as many funny/nostalgic/sexy/naked/bad taste pictures I can get my hands on for possible reposting in the future. Perhaps all in the same one picture.

That was productive! :P

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